Electric Oven

Electric oven with daisy heaters, with open-mouth rotating bed built according to new technologies. It is an electric oven that still remains similar to a wood refractory oven.
The characterizing strengths of this new oven are: ease of use and low energy consumption. This is possible thanks to the presence of a refractory screed similar to a traditional wood-burning oven, so much so that the cooking of the pizza takes place just like in a traditional traditional wood-burning oven.
The electric heaters with special shape and power are the result of a long research designed for the homogeneous cooking of the pizza.
The electrical board created specifically for this oven manages the use of energy in order to have low consumption and excellent cooking.
The rotation of the cooking surface is controlled by a rotation system that allows different speeds, the pizza chef can choose which one to use.
Installation is quick and easy: just connect the electricity and a small pipe. This will connect the oven to the extractor hood or the whole exterior of the building to guarantee the escape of the vapors and odors deriving from cooking.