New fumes and soot purification system for professional wood ovens designed for pizzerias.It consists of special equipment which is capable of eliminating all the soot particles that are released from the chimneys of the ovens, thus eliminating air pollution and the risk of fire.The filtering system is based on the most simple and effective natural element: water.The water recycled from the system is used to filter and purify the fumes and soot particles produced by the combustion, thereby limiting water consumption.However, with the installation of this system we guarantee the natural draught of the chimney; in fact, there are no inside mechanical filters or specific throttling.All our oven models can be equipped with a fumes purifier, which can be positioned either directly on the oven, or in any part of the chimney.For a proper installation, you should have:- Electrical connection- Hydraulic connection- Water drainageAll our soot destroyers can boast the recognition of Italian health units.Now, the “ZAPPER” purifier, that’s how it is called in the American version, has obtained cETLus certification no. 4005827 dated 02.08.2012 for authorization to sell in Canada and the United States.Technical Specifications (in mm):total height 755 mm;total width 980 mm;case depth 450 mm;total depth 640 mm;water capacity 70 lt;water consumption 40 litres/h;tare weight 76 kg;acoustic power 63.4 dB;fumes inlet and outlet diameter 200 mm.General construction characteristics:Stainless steel case AISI 316 L;Washing system with recirculation pump;Hollow cone nozzles;Group of nine nozzles;Electric power control board made of resin and resistant to high temperatures (over 250 °C), which is mounted on the machine and equipped with a pump protection;”Maximum tank water level” security system;Stainless steel sewage collector;Instruction and maintenance manual and CE certification on each machine.