MAM presents the new catalogue dedicated to professional pizza ovens!

MAM presents the new 2019 catalogue

form and function combine to create the ideal tool for every pizza maker or restaurateur..

There is no limit to the design of the oven: the new aesthetic finishes meet the needs of event the more creative buyers.

There is no limit to technical performance: all types of our professional pizza ovens can be tailor-made at the customer’s request by selecting the following characteristics:

rotating and static cooktop,

– type of cooking: wood, gas, or combined,

– size and shape of the mouth, chosen from 6 different types available: from the smallest ones that allow a lower consumption, to the biggest ones for giant pizzas.

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A brand new finish enter the 2019 catalogue: TORINO OVEN!

Functionality without sacrificing the style.

The characteristic cylindrical shape is ideal for the mouth of the desired size and for coating with mosaics: the Torino Oven, in its standard finish, features a contemporary look that is enhanced with new colours, such as rust, bright white and metal.

The new Torino Oven is suitable for urban and industrial-style environments and combines its well-known functional requirements with an aesthetic increasingly turned to design.

The unusual and distinctive Picasso finish, which is the result of our creativity, has now become one of the most requested.

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NAPOLI OVEN: high aesthetic quality for an oven of undisputed functionality!

The dome shape typical of Neapolitan ovens was the best-selling last year’s finish: this oven combines high technology and the possibility to choose the cooktop and the type of cooking with a high aesthetic finish.

The Napoli Oven combines the MAM technology with the typical of aesthetics of Neapolitan ovens: the rotary oven can be realized in the wood, gas or combined models, to get a cooking temperature from 300 to 400°C, which is essential to realize the real Neapolitan pizza (as well as every kind of pizzas).

The static Naples Oven, wood or combined gas/wood, is ideal for pizzerias that want to keep the tradition of cooking, while combining quality and design.

Thanks to its careful design and the one single mouth, the Napoli Oven allows for prolonged use of the oven, at a very low cost of ownership.

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Our Touch Screen is even more evolved!

The touch control panel available for our ovens allows you to:

  • adjust the plate speed of rotation,
  • adjust the automatic and manual gas handling system,
  • set the cooking time, so that you will hear a beep at the end,
  • automatically turn on and off the oven through a timer,
  • set the boost for cooking. 
  • Moreover, the new function that enables the start of cooking through a sensor is available: the infrared detect the peel and will trigger the cooking timer, scaling down the minutes remaining from the time initially set. The same function can also be activated through the touch screen.

The Touch Screen can be handled through a simple and compact panel which can be positioned either on the machine or embedded in the wall.

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