Gas burner


The company MAM, thanks to the original project of the first gas burner, has revolutionized the idea of baking food inside pizza ovens. The MAM ovens which are equipped with a gas burner ensure a uniform baking and ease of use.MODULAR FIRE is an atmospheric burner (which does not need noisy fans), with a thermal power ranging from 5kw to 34 kw which does not require inspections of the fire brigades. The burner is placed directly inside the oven on the left or right part of the baking surface.The company MAM provides the European CE Certification and the complete warranty only for the ovens and/or burners manufactured, sold and installed by itself, ensuring the customer that he has bought an Italian, reliable and easy to use product and with an efficient after-sale technical service.


Display with visualization

bruciatore_displayOven temperature, baking pre-set temperature, automatic/manual working, flame power bar, clock, programmed ignition with timer, timed booster.


  • Thanks to this new combined feeding system the operator can:• pre-heat the oven with gas, and then use the oven with wood. In this case you don’t need to set fire to the wood, but it’s enough to switch the gas installation on to reach a temperature of 300°C. Then, you switch the gas installation off and you put the wood into the proper place for the baking of pizzas.• use the oven with gas only; therefore both heating and baking are carried out by using gas only.• use the oven also with wood only.

Under-floor burner

This auxiliary heating system allows maintaining the cooking temperature of the baking surface even for big amount of work, eliminating completely the common cooling due to an intensive use.In this way we can guarantee a constant and perfect baking quality of pizza when the number of customers increases.Pizza in MAM ovens mustn’t be moved because the rotating surface allows a completely uniform cooking and this speeds up production!