Smoki srl is specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of kitchen hoods, air filtration systems, chimneys in stainless steel, in copper or painted. 

The Modular Fire burner was designed in collaboration with a leading company producing burners worldwide and it’s approved by IMQ directly on MAM oven.Furthermore the oven is equipped with a highly-developed control unit, specially designed for a homogeneous baking and low power consumption in the full respect of the environment. 

WeGrill Pizza & Grill is a multifunction gas pizza oven both professional and domestic. With WeGrill Pizza & Grill you can bake pizzas like in big professional ovens in 2’30” besides the standard function of the grid. 

Production of refrigerated counters and equipment for Pizzeria. 

Production of gas burners for pizza ovens. 

The Table Gigi changes the way you work using: small spaces, a changeable speed rotation and a good posture that prevents the worker’s back from working badly and in vain.