………..A HISTORY THAT BEGAN LONG TIME AGO……… Nowadays, there are many evidences of the history of MAM ovens in the Pizzeria Nelson in Modena. MAM ovens legend began in the Sixties due to a challenge between the owner of the pizzeria and Aurelio, the founder of our company. "I want a pizza oven" Nelson said, and Aurelio, who was an experienced metalworker also operating in the field of kitchens and wood stoves, created it.In the Eighties, Aurelio went abroad, creating the first oven for the American market, thus beginning the international adventure of MAM ovens.The experience, the power of innovation and the continuous research have always been the foundation of MAM Forni success, and today the company prides itself for its third generation of manufacturers and exporters of ovens!We produce wood, gas and hybrid ovens which conform to the higher quality standards and allow our customers to be able to work easily and with very low consumption.We create the real Made in Italy, thanks to the use of certified and original materials and carrying out the entire production process in Modena! Moreover, we use refractory materials of excellent quality that ensure a higher cooking performance, thus reducing the energy (burning and/or gas) or maintenance costs and optimizing efficiency. MAM ovens differ from the others by the thickness of the upper baking surfaces and domes.We are in the forefront, but at the same time we pay particular attention to the current market; so we strive to find out the best solutions according to the specific needs of each customer and the market, trying to produce innovative and competitive ovens in order to obtain products of unquestioned performance.What is a MAM oven in brief? > Totally Made in Italy > Assembled and properly operating in a day, and ready to use in 30 minutes > The use of a thick refractory material allows low power consumption and an excellent performance- Cutting-edge technology > Removable, it can be easily repositioned > 40 years of experience Now, it is also completely customizable in its design!